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Kayla Nortrup

Silversky Press
Kayla Nortrup
Hello Nerd Con! I’m Kayla and I’m a lifelong lover of adventure stories, wizards, superheroes, and ninja turtles of the teenage mutant variety. I’m a tea drinking, bike riding, earth loving hippie and by day I work as a garden designer. My true passion is the magic of storytelling and I’m an aspiring author and artist with ambitions of crafting both traditional novels and graphic novels. My stories are diverse, some are fantasy, some are sci-fi, others are slice-of-life, and all of them are full of adventure. Take a closer look at two of my current projects:

After the Empire: My first novel is a fantasy tale that begins with the death of an empire and the girl who escapes. Skara, a girl of 13, has lost everything. An orphan and outcast, she heads west with the other survivors and struggles to make a life for herself in this strange new world of political upheaval, haunted forests, and ancient mysteries.

Gypsy Cats: Five magical cats and a red-headed gypsy hit the road to hunt a demon, break a curse, and save the world. Gypsy Cats is a sometimes serious, oftentimes silly adventure story full of talking animals, horoscopes, and true love. This is my first comic project and I hope to soon begin releasing it as a webcomic.